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Tenant repair reporting

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Welcome to our Repair & Maintenance Reporting System.

Please give as much detail when reporting your issue, this will help us contact the correct contractor. 

We do endeavour to arrange for a contractor to attend as soon as possible. This is likely to be within 24hours, we do ask that you are patient while we contact the contractor and arrange access with you or a key pick up.

Please note that the instruction of remedial works may be subject to approval by your landlord and the availability of properly qualified contractors.

Please be aware should a contractor attend and the fault is found to be your responsibility the Invoice would be forwarded to you for payment.

If this issue is being reported in retrospect and any repair/maintenance has already been carried out please advise on your email in Further notes (section 5) as it will not be actioned.

For all white goods, please advise of the make, model and the serial number as we require this to progress repair.

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Please add up to 5 photos, video or audio files (max: 6mb each) to help explain the problem.

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You are about to raise an issue against a vacant property. Click here to raise an issue on behalf of a tenant at an occupied property

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